About This Website

 JesusLovesMarkandBonnie.com is a brand new site, with the URL registered in August, 2023. I want to document how good God has been to us through our decades together, and also share thoughts, scriptures and testimonies. The bold-faced purpose of the site is to Glorify HIM and share the good news, the Gospel of Jesus Christ! 

At the present time, I’m reviving my music site http://markstonemusic.com, so have not pointed this new website in a direction yet. I believe I’ll start doing serious work here during the upcoming winter months.

Meanwhile, one of the most amazing things happened - God healed me from a tumor that grew to a very large size under my right jawbone. I wrote a narrative describing the event and have it posted here - it is in the menu to the right, or click here!

Remember - JESUS LOVES YOU!!!! 

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